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Welcome to Aangen Community Centre!
Aangen... We are...
is the Sanskrit word for the front yard of a home where community members gather to give each other comfort, support, and nurturing. a Supportive Community Centre; a non-profit organization that proposes to facilitate independence and cause community. We also aim to provide personalized emergency relief to those in disadvantaged life situations, by providing unconditional support and wraparound services.
aangen community centre. St. Annes community dinner aangen community centre. Robin Hood Food Program aangen community centre. Philippine Relief Effort aangen community centre. Annual Diwali Dinner. November 9 2013 aangen community centre. Annual Autumn Yardsale October 26 2013 aangen community centre. Annual Spring Yardsale June 8 2013 aangen community centre. Annual Spring Dinner May 10 2013 aangen community centre. families in need program and global orphanage program aangen community centre. families in need program and global orphanage program aangen community centre. families in need program and global orphanage program
Our Mission Statement
To download our mission statement click here (*.pdf format)
Our Philosophy... Our Programs...
is that in order to help our community members facilitate independence, we must facilitate our own. As such, we do not count on government or external funding, we raise our own funds. This is our definition of independence. We are committed to providing educational workshops for everyone that are easily affordable and promote self-reliance whilst causing community. Since Aangen was founded in 2000, we have been able to develop programs that help our local and global communities. While we have supported a number of initiatives, we have two core programs. Our Families in Need program helps local people who are facing challenging time and our Global Orphanage Program donates funds, books and clothing to numerous orphanages worldwide. At least 10% of all our Marketplace sales go directly into helping both programs. Additionally, funds raised from our Spring & Fall Yard Sales and Community Dinners help fund both these programs that are year-round.
" Paying It Forward "
is one of our central concepts as we seek to empower those who come through our doors by encouraging them to receive in one hand and give with the other. We are all one step away from either needing help or providing help and as such the cycle continues and reinforces the strength and fortitude of community.