Aangen is the sanskrit word for the courtyard of a home, it is where the community gathers to receive love, to be nurtured, feel safe and connect.

Aangen's foundation was started four generations ago by a humble woman named Mataji, which means dear mother. Every Wednesday she opened her home to people from all walks to life to come meditate and have some of her healing food and teas. Those who needed some medical attention were given a wide range of herbs and spices from her medicine pouch. She passed these traditions to her daughter, granddaughter and finally her great granddaughter, Executive Director Gurbeen Bhasin who currently runs Aangen.

Today, here in Toronto, Aangen has been operating as a self-sustained, non-grant based, not-for-profit since 2000. The heart and the sole purpose of Aangen is to serve the world with love; "Our call to action is based on the needs of the community at any given time, from Toronto to across the globe." – Gurbeen Bhasin, Executive Director.

Who Aangen Is

Aangen is a not-for-profit community driven organization in Toronto.

We are self-sustained and we do not not rely on any government funding or grants to operate. Instead we work with small, local farmers to provide cafes and retail stores in our neighbourhood with fresh farm foods.

We supply ​​spelt bread, maple syrup, raw and liquid honey, creamery butter and small flock, free-run farm eggs. We believe in the ethical treatment of animals therefore we have hand-picked the farmers we work with in order to bring these nutritious products to our community.
Since all our operating costs are covered by the sale of farm products, 100% of every donation received for our Outreach Programs is committed to the recipients of the program.

"Paying It Forward" is one of our central concepts as we seek to empower those who come through our doors by encouraging them to receive in one hand and give with the other. We are all one step away from either needing help or providing help and as such the cycle continues and reinforces the strength and fortitude of community.

What Aangen Does


Our vision is to empower every individual we meet so that they may live a life they truly love and help to inspire a world of peace, integrity and love.

Aangen is committed to building and supporting local and global communities to be self-reliant, empowered and impactful.


Our mission is to provide sustainable, solution-based responses to social injustices locally and globally including hunger and food security to help people be independent, empowered and to serve community needs.

We embody the concept of one love and one world. We believe in the interconnectedness of all beings, and all things and it is our vocation to serve the world with love and compassion.


Aangen is a safe, loving, and nurturing community that is self-sufficient and in turn helps community members facilitate independence and empowerment.

We provide personalized emergency relief to those in disadvantaged life situations by providing unconditional support and wraparound services.


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NAMASTE – The Divine in Me, Honours the Divine in You