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Who We Are

We are a Supportive Community Centre; a non-profit organization that proposes to facilitate independence and cause community. We also aim to provide personalized emergency relief to those in disadvantaged life situations, by providing unconditional support and wraparound services.
Our mission is to provide sustainable, solution-based responses to social injustices locally and globally including hunger and food security to help people be independent, empowered and to serve community needs.
Our vision is to empower every individual we meet so that they may live a life they truly love and help to inspire a world of peace, integrity and love. Aangen is committed to building and supporting local and global communities to be self-reliant, empowered and impactful.
Aangen is a safe, loving, and nurturing community that is self-sufficient and in turn helps community members facilitate independence and empowerment. We provide personalized emergency relief to those in disadvantaged life situations by providing unconditional support and wraparound services


Every time you hire Aangen for your cleaning needs, purchase cafe goods or buy our wholesale farm fresh produce, you vote with your dollars to make a change. All proceeds from these Social Enterprises go directly to our operational costs and assists us in remaining independent.


Each program has naturally developed as a solution based response to community driven needs, both locally and globally. Our focus and program structure is completely dependent on the need of a community, family or individual at any given moment. Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions to social injustices such as hunger and homelessness.

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With open hearts and open arms, our team is dedicated to spreading love as far as it can go. One Love, One World.
Gurbeen Bhasin, MA, MSW

Gurbeen Bhasin, MA, MSW

Executive Director
Gurbeen has her educational and professional background in Social Policy and International Relations and has been practicing Social Work for over two decades. She has been one of the founding forces behind Aangen and especially in creating the blueprint for a self-sustained, social enterprise non-profit model
Heather Maciel

Heather Maciel

Program Coordinator
Heather has studied Freelance Writing and is currently enrolled in a Social Entrepreneurship Program.She is passionate about writing and how words can move and inspire people. Heather’s mission is to evoke positive change through spreading love and light wherever she goes.
Toni Zambri

Toni Zambri

Chance For Change Supervisor
Toni learned to cook at a very early age and realized that cooking was one of her passions. Toni now uses this passion of cooking to feed people at McCormick Park Café operated by Aangen. She has the opportunity to use her creativity in cooking and serving healthy meals to the community.


We are 100% Self Supported. Since all our operating costs are covered by the sale of farm products, 100% of every donation received for our Outreach Programs is committed to the recipients of the program.