Client Stories

Family Testimonials

I first heard about Aangen through a friend of mine. She suggested that I reach out to them as she knew I was having a difficult time in my life and was hoping that they were able to help. I made an appointment for the same day and met Gurbeen and Heather. Right away they made me feel that I could trust them and that I could speak freely.

I began to tell them about all the horrible abuse that I had been suffering for so long, how my husband verbally and mentally abused me and my two younger children. How he would cheat on me constantly and then say that it was my fault. He even withheld food from us. Gurbeen and Heather both listened and comforted me as the tears rolled down my face as I lived through all the horrible moments I had been suffering in silence for so long. They comforted me, holding my hands, as I spoke and offered me tissues. They assured me that I could trust them and that they were here to help and guide me to the best of their abilities. Gurbeen and Heather made me feel safe, something I had not felt for so long.

25 August 2016

– – + – –

The day, I met with my daughter, Heather and Gurbeen from Aangen Community Center, it was a blessing and an improvement in our dramatic situation in Toronto.

In fact, we came from so far, you cannot imagine!

It was during the hardest winter in 2015 and because we have a small dog, no shelter wanted to help us.
So, we stayed during the night in a Tim Horton’s coffee without sleeping during 3 months and a half. When you come from abroad and have no connection in the city, of course, the beginning is hard. We were lost!

They were like the angels that GOD, the creator sent to us. They helped us:

– They gave us money for staying at night and drink something during several months in the coffee shop.
– They know that we have no clothes because people stole our belongings, so they provide for clothes and coats.
– They helped us for the immigration service, legal contact and fees for the application.
– They organised the Christmas for us ! We received a lot of gifts even our small dog!
– They always take care about us if we have a problem, they try to do everything to solve it.
– They helped us to find a roof, a room, a safe place like that we can look for a job in order to start a new life and move on.
– They gave us food and money for transportation.
– They helped us to look for a job and get back our life by sending us to their friends who work for employment service.
– They found for us a laptop (= computer) when we need one in order to be independent in the library.

May GOD BLESS THEM AND GIVE THEM A HOUSE like that they can improve their actions towards family in need because, they regretted to not have a house to do more, our case was for them very hard and opened their eyes about the bad behaviour of some bad social workers in the shelter.

I hope that I will give back by coming one of their donor because they are really implicate in their mission.

Family in need for Aangen Community Center
25 April 2016

– – + – –

Aangen has been a blessing to our family.

Gurbeen first counselled me, helping me to cope with multiple stresses. Then, she worked with my teenage son who had diverse problems with depression, anxiety, panic attacks which still persisted despite years of treatment by psychiatrists, psychologists and the many professionals within long-term treatment facilities. When my husband and I disagreed as to how to best deal with our son at home, we sought her help in setting aside our individual preferences to find the approach that was best suited to our son’s needs. That son, who had dropped out of school in Grade Ten, is now a happy young man heading to graduate school, living on his own and in a long-term relationship.

To this day, when my husband and I feel that our relationship could use a “tune up”, we have a session with Gurbeen and leave knowing how to get things back on track. I have also referred others to Gurbeen, each of whom has benefitted from her wise counsel. As well, I know I can always pick up the phone and she will share her wealth of experience with multiple issues and organizations to guide me in finding resources for people I meet who are in need of various kinds of help.

Gurbeen has an a rare ability to “cut through the crap” and get you to the crux of your issues and quickly help you discover how to help yourself.

I have watched in awe as Aangen has grown over the years to encompass so many causes and reach out to help so many people. It is a success story worthy of our highest regard.

name witheld by request
10 December 2015

– – + – –

Dear Gurbeen,

As a new mum struggling financially and emotionally to be sane and available for my child and those around me it has been a tremendous blessing to have your help.

My husband and I both settled here less than 3 years ago and through auspicious good fortune I was introduced to Dora and Aangen.

Here is a little bit of our story: I was born here but lived out of country for more than 11 years and my husband is from Peru. Together we have been facing all of the economic and emotional challenges of trying to make a life in a new country. None of my professional credentials are valid here and my options are limited by a head injury sustained in 2001 and other health concerns.

I am fortunate in that I do have a kind and caring family living in Ontario who do their best to help us but are also of very limited means. My husband is in the process of immigrating to Canada and hasn’t seen his parents or siblings since 2005. He has been holding down 2 or 3 jobs at a time without rest since landing here has been supporting our family (we were blessed with the birth of a little girl almost one year ago), as well as his other two children, to the very best of his abilities within the limitations of being legal but of non-status.

This has been without access to healthcare for himself or any government administered social services for the family. We have been hoping and praying and waiting for a positive decision from immigration for the last two years and are overjoyed to announce that we just received notice of approval!

So far, establishing ourselves here in Toronto has been an blessed and exhausting journey that I don’t think we could have survived without the love and support and incredible generosity from Dora, yourself and everyone else who participates to create Aangen.

For the intangible support that comes from having people believe in you to the practical help with food and work and furniture… thank you, thank you and thank you again! May we continue to be standing strongly on our feet for years to come and may we be able to give back without hesitation.

Jessica, Marco and baby Suzanna-Lucia
September 2015