Cleaning Services

Aangen has been providing office and residential cleaning services for the last 3 years.

This program, like all Aangen programs developed organically from needs identified by community members. It started as a pilot project with Fred Victor and has expanded beautifully. Aangen has been able to employ people who have difficulties finding employment and help to sustain their livelihoods.

Aangen - Chance For Change commercial cleaning services

Please contact us for a quote for your cleaning job at 416-569-2787.

Reference Letters Supporting Aangen’s Cleaning Services

I am pleased to provide a letter of support for Aangen community centre and their cleaning services. I have been using their cleaning service for my private residential dwelling for the past six months and have been very pleased with the services they provide.

In particular, I have been impressed by the quality of cleaning services provided, as well as the reliability and professionalism of their cleaning staff. I have also recommended their cleaning services to my friends and family, and as a result, three new households in my network have also used their cleaning services following my recommendation.

As a customer, I also value the social mandate of Aangen to provide employment opportunities for members of the community who are getting back on their feet. As such, I’m happy to support Gurbeen Bhasin and Aangen in their application to your organization.

Salina Abji, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
November 2016

– – + – –

I confirm that our Integrated Supported Housing Initiative (ISHI) project has purchased peer housekeeping service from Aangen Community Centre since 2014, during which time they have provided our clients with excellent light cleaning and housekeeping services. Their workers are respectful to the clients and their services have helped clients to improve their quality of life and maintain their tenancies in some cases.

I can confidently recommend Aangen Community Centre as an excellent peer housekeeping service provider.

Yours faithfully,
Helen Cheung, Houselink Home Community Opportunity
24 June 2016

– – + – –

Please accept this reference letter and our full support for the services of Aangen and their cleaning services.

We have been using Aangen as our contract cleaning service for the better part of the last year and have been very happy with the service they provide. Our cleaner is always prompt, thorough and very pleasant to deal with. We are also heartened by the mission of Aangen in terms of providing employment opportunities for community members who need a bit of a leg up and we are proud to be able to contribute to this mission by using their organization for our office cleaning needs.

I fully endorse Gurbeen Bhasin and Aangen and I do not hesitate to recommend their services.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions or comments.

Kind regards,
Paul Sawtell, CEO, 100km Foods Inc.
23 June 2016