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Empowering Hearts, Transforming Lives

Aangen's Team, Where Compassion Meets Action.

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At the heart of Aangen beats a team of dedicated individuals whose passion and commitment drive our mission forward every single day.


From the bustling kitchens where nutritious meals are prepared with love, to the streets where our food rescue heroes salvage and redistribute surplus food, each member plays a vital role in our journey towards creating a more equitable and sustainable world.


Our cleaning services team ensures that every space sparkles with cleanliness and care, while our social workers provide unwavering support to those in need, guiding them towards brighter tomorrows.


Together, we embody the spirit of collaboration and compassion, working tirelessly to make Aangen not just a business, but a beacon of hope and opportunity in our community.


It's through our collective efforts that we pave the way for success, proving that with unity and determination, anything is possible.


We are more than just a team; we are a family, bound by a shared vision of empowerment and positive change.

Meet the Team

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