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What is the service?

In early 2020 we learned of the difficulties facing seniors during this trying time. After a lot of research we fell in love with the idea of providing nutrient rich meals to those in need, and the Canadian Red Cross (emergency community support fund) believed in us! They awarded us a grant to get started. 

We chose to go with dehydrated meals for 4 reasons. Seniors often live on a tea and toast diet (powder in cup with boiling water fits their daily lifestyle). Familial caregivers can have a sense of relief and safety for seniors living at home and are concerned about their loved ones using a stove. Dehydrated meals are easy to make without full access to a kitchen. And finally, dehydration keeps the ingredients nutrient dense, for a long time.

Highlights from our Pilot Program

90 days from concept to consumption

After delivering a few rounds of samples to our esteemed partner, the Parkdale Community Food Bank, they applied for and were awarded a grant to increase the expansion of All Dried Up products and services to their clients. Working together we are now serving their senior clients with social worker check-ins, and delivering soup servings to their clients along with their individualized grocery box delivery services. 


Want to know more? Read our blog post about the beginnings of All Dried Up

How the Service Works

Our products are about more than just the ingredients. We thoughtfully created the experience from beginning to spoonful! Our labelling follows the CNIB low vision guidelines (great for seniors, good for everyone). Our packaging is easy to open for those with arthritis, joint stiffness and/or hand mobility/strength issues (because who wants to fight to fight with their meal?). Upcycled ingredients (donated from generous partners) rescues food from becoming waste. Each soup (with the designated amount of water) is specifically designed to be the consistency that is easy to swallow for those with reduced saliva and problems swallowing.

Our Soups

Split Pea Soup

  • Ingredients: Split peas, onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, celery, salt, thyme, rosemary, pepper, liquid smoke (water, Natural Hickory Smoke)

  • Great source of folate, fibre, iron, zinc, Vitamin A, potassium, Vitamin K, zinc. and antioxidants

  • 16g of protein per serving

Does it Actually Work?

In the kitchen, and especially in All Dried Up, the Chance For Change  positions are consistently scheduled and supervised (matching employees with their capacity, goals and skill level). We are currently employing 2 people from an esteemed partner to prepare, dehydrate and package our servings. As our capacity and sales grow, we’ll be able to add shifts to maximize the amount of people sustainably employed who enjoy their work.

We’re always looking for ways to green our services and include additional

food rescue partners.

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All Dried Up

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