About The Café

Located in the heart of McCormick Park (66 Sheridan Ave) a stylishly converted shipping container operates as a café and mini market. The idea was spearheaded by City Councillor Ana Bailao and in 2014 Aangen was awarded the opportunity to run the café container and turn it into a sustainable project. All meals served out of the café are vegetarian and made with love by the Aangen team.

Thank you for a stellar summer in the cafe! We're now closed for the season. We very much appreciate your business, every dollar supports our mission of fighting for food security and equal opportunity employment.

At the Cafe You Can...


Our menu items include vegetarian comfort food items. Burritos, Mac & Cheese and samosas.


When you visit the café you can also drop off donations of non-perishable food items, clothing and toiletries to help support Aangen’s outreach initiatives.


All farm products are sourced within the 100KM radius . We offer eggs, maple syrup, salted and unsalted butter, spelt bread and honey

The Mural

The mural was unveiled Wednesday, June 17 in McCormick Park. The McCormick Park Shipping Container Cafe mural was painted by Toronto graffiti artist MagicFinnga Wong and is meant to represent the nature in the park and the nature of its park goers. (Wednesday, June 17, 2015)

Thank you for your support over the last four years! Special thanks to the Friends of McCormick Park and Councillor Ana Bailao's office for your support!