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Aangen Social Enterprise Follows a Family Tradition

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

A report on Aangen’s social justice work, the strengths of its non-profit social enterprise model, and the four generations of community service in the family of executive director Gurbeen Bhasin.

By Stuart Foxman

In Sanskrit, the wordaangenrefers to the front yard of a home where community members gather to give each other comfort and nurturing. That was the tradition in Gurbeen Bhasin’s family.

“It was all about the community gathering and supporting each other,” says Bhasin.

Aangen has two main lines of business, with all proceeds going to those in need. One service is purchasing ethically-sourced farm products within a 100 km radius (like eggs, butter, bread and honey), and supplying them to local businesses. The other offers commercial and residential cleaning services. To make a further impact, that one employs marginalized community members.


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