If you’d like to donate ADU to someone else, this is the place to do it.


Your donation will go directly towards purchasing ADU for someone in need in our community and beyond. Every donation counts towards reducing food insecurity and ensuring people receive our nutritionally dense, easy-to-make soups. 


We thank you for your donation. 


Donate to ADU

50 Grams
  • We will ensure that all donations are received by those who need it most. This could mean: 

    • Community members experiencing food insecurity. 
    • Participants in Aangen’s CFC program and associated with our community partners. 
    • We are currently sending servings of ADU to Ukraine to support the war efforts and lift the burden of food insecurity.
  • We are happy to offer a refund if a payment was made unintentionally. To begin the refund process, please email us at: hello@aangen.com