Girls holding their eco-friendly reusable sanitary supplies

For a few years now Aangen has been working with local and international organizations to assist with campaigns to improve sexual, reproductive and personal hygiene health for girls. These investments yield many returns, both personal and professional. Girls able to participate in school growup to be girls who can participate in the community and the economy.

Falling Behind In Education

Once girls begin their menstrual cycle, many of them around the world miss one week of school per month due to the lack of running water and no access to sanitary supplies. The girls and young women stay at home from school or work to avoid notice and shame, resulting in a loss of self-esteem and falling behind in their education that could lead them out of poverty into an empowered and self-determined life.

The Issue

  • More than 62 million girls around the world are not attending school
  • Running water is scarce and sanitary supplies are not always accessible in many of the developing countries
  • Ending the cycle of poverty depends on educating people, especially girls
  • Menstruation is one of the key barriers to the education of girls

A Key Barrier

The cost of purchasing feminine products is too high for families. Girls are forced to use rags that do not absorb effectively and that can cause infection and discomfort. Cultural taboos surrounding menstruation dis-empowers girls and young women and the lack of knowledge perpetuates a system of shame. Girls will miss school during their menstrual cycle; some will drop out of school as a result of missing too many days. Girls who do not attend school are more likely to marry and have children at a younger age.

A Solution

Environmentally conscious menstrual pads provide an economical and practical solution for girls and women, allowing them to stay in school and go to work. Since 2004 we have been able to help supply over 3,500 girls and women with menstrual kits around the globe. Educated girls will grow into informed and empowered women who can give back to their communities and create positive changes.

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