Executive Director

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Creative Director

(647) 323-2787 ext. 701

Recruited to fine tune the organization’s communications, Alicia joined the Aangen team in the spring of 2018. Her business savvy and eye for detail had her quickly promoted to her current position. Notably, she has created Aangen’s new website and standard operating procedures. Alicia’s most cherished accomplishment is developing Aangen’s internal procedures to help the team run smoothly. A board member of the Parkdale Food Bank, she enjoys snuggling with her rescue dog, spending time with her niece and building her Instagram page. #aliciaandthebigthings

Director of Operations

(647) 323-2787 ext. 6

As the head of Human Resources, John is the go-to person for Aangen employees. Working for Aangen deeply resonated with his values of creating a just society, strengthening local communities and promoting sustainable food security systems. John is passionate about creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for each member of the team. When he is not in the office, you can find him admiring maps, an interest that complements his love of travel.

Director of Food Services

(647) 323-2787 ext. 2

Building relationships with local farmers and merchants, Erika has taken the reins as Aangen’s Farm Product Manager. Originally starting off part time in the farm products division, she also spent time running the kitchen operations before landing in her new role. For Erika, Aangen is a family, and she appreciates how everyone supports each other in a caring environment. A self-proclaimed master of parallel parking, she spends her free time hiking and canoeing.

Cleaning Manager

(647) 323-2787 ext. 1

As head of cleaning services, Catarina leads a team of five full-time cleaning staff.  As a newcomer to Canada, she was a recipient of Aangen’s programs. Since 2015, she has been giving back to the organization that helped her establish herself and her family in a new country. Working for Aangen and taking care of her staff gives her the most pride.  In her free time, she enjoys cooking Portuguese dishes and raising her two kids to a

soundtrack of Latin music.

Finance Manager

(647) 323-2787 ext. 700

As Finance Manager, Oksana is in charge of balancing the books. She joined the Aangen team in December 2019, just three months after arriving in Canada. Working in a new country has been a huge challenge, and Oksana is grateful for the support she has received from Aangen. Working for the organization means that she can be a part of helping marginalized individuals achieve their potential.  A proud mother to a three-year-old daughter, she has a passion for travel, reading and live music.

Kitchen Manager

(647) 323-2787 ext. 3

Michelle’s role as Chef and Kitchen manager is a balance between shopping, menu creation and preparing delicious meals for Aangen clients. Bringing her past experience running community kitchen and gardens, she has been part of the Aangen team since winter 2019. For Michelle, working for an organization that makes the connections between social wellness, food security and ecological sustainability is a dream come true. An avid swing dancer, green thumb and writer, Michelle has been making the best of COVID-19 by doing a weekly dress up-themed dinner with her family.

Marketing &

Social Media Coordinator

(647) 323-2787 ext. 704

I started at Aangen in December 2020. My role is to create creative and attention grabbing content for social media and marketing. For me, it is important to work for an organization like Aangen because I have the opportunity to make a lasting impact through my professional skills.

I enjoy the creative freedom and the opportunity to explore a variety of content! I am proud of achieving tangible results like donations from the community, and this is how I know that my work here is making a difference and an impact. Outside of work, I am super creative. I am a Fashion Designer & Stylist and I have worked in the 3 fashion capitals - UK, New York and Mumbai.

Book Keeper

(647) 323-2787 ext. 703

I started working at Aangen in November 2020 as a Bookkeeper. My role includes dealing with customers, banking, invoices etc (everything finance and number crunching!). I love being a part of a company that helps the community. Working in a friendly environment makes me happy and here at Aangen, it feels like a family.

Apart from working, I love to travel and explore new things and I am crazy about reading books and I enjoy

late night drives.

Grant Researcher & Writer

(647) 323-2787 ext. 707

I started working for Aangen in May 2021 and my role focuses on researching and writing grants for the company.

At Aangen I have the opportunity to feel like I have made a meaningful impact where each role is crucial for the betterment of people! Should I be able to reach our goal for grant money, that will make me proud because of the impact it will have on at-risk communities.

Outside of work I spend time playing video games with my

fiance, writing fiction, and hanging out with my parrot, Jack.

Program Coordinator

(647) 323-2787 ext. 5

Sarah started working at Aangen in October 2020 as the kitchen driver, delivering meals to clients on the weekends and holidays. Since then, Sarah has transitioned to a new role, becoming the program coordinator in the spring of 2021. This role involves coordinating donations for our various programs, developing program policies and procedures, and ensuring our clients and staff are supported.  For Sarah, working at an organization like Aangen is very rewarding as it provides the opportunity to support our community while making meaningful and positive change.  In her downtime, she enjoys playing hockey and rollerblading, spending time with her family and keeps busy with her university studies and volunteering in her community. 

Case Worker

(647) 323-2787 ext. 708

I started working at Aangen in July 2021 as a case worker. At Aangen, I will be providing wrap around support 

to all our clients in the CFC and FIN programs, also providing support to seniors enjoying soups from All Dried Up in collaboration with the Parkdale Community Food Bank. 

I'm thrilled to be joining a team that is working to build communities where everyone is welcome and supported. 

No two people are the same and I love that Aangen is working to provide uniquely tailored supports and cheering everyone on as they find their path in the world. I love to nurture all beings in my life, whether that is baking sweet desserts for family and friends, watering my veggie garden, or feeding my sourdough starter!

Aangen Founder

(647) 323-2787 ext. 702

Gurbeen Bhasin is the founder and executive director of Aangen, a Toronto-based non-profit organization that focuses on advancing food security and social justice locally and globally. A trained social worker, Gurbeen established Aangen in 2000, following in the footsteps of multiple ancestors who welcomed and supported community members facing challenges. Her primary purpose with Aangen is to foster personal empowerment and nurture communities by responding to community needs as they arise with sustainable and equitable solutions. Her professional journey has included serving as project manager of a global human rights initiative; as a senior analyst at the Canadian Mental Health Association; and as an entrepreneur and creator in Toronto’s independent arts sector. Gurbeen holds a master of social work degree from the University of Michigan, a master of arts degree in international relations from the University of Windsor, and a bachelor of arts degree in political science from York University. She is best known for her mile-wide smile, her funky shoes and her mom’s timeless life wisdom.