The Walk To Heal Hunger

The United Nations has declared a famine crisis in 4 countries. We are aware and it is our time to act. The Walk to Heal Hunger will fund sustainable food projects around the world. During our walk we will be distributing food packages to the community. One Love, One World.


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Goal: $ 30 000 

For far too long our approach for finding a solution to human rights issues has been to fight for them. We fight for peace, we fight against illnesses, we fight hunger, we fight and we fight. Although our intentions have been well guided our plan of action has not. To effectively influence change we need to build Love into the work that we do and let that be our guiding light.

Aangen’s mission is to work with partners on the ground in the areas that are being directly effected by hunger and Ebe, Nigeria is where our journey begins. 100% of the proceeds from The Walk to Heal Hunger will be devoted to our 'Phase 1' of the project where we will build a kitchen that will feed the community, create jobs and promote loving service. 'Phase 2' is the development of a sustainable model that will include working on land arability, growing food and selling food at local markets.

Aangen believes in the interconectedness of all beings, we truly embody the concept of One Love. As such our compassion and service does not adhere to any borders. Although the proceeds from our Walk will be funding a global project, we will be distributing food and hygiene kits to families in need right here in our city. Please join us for on this beautiful journey towards Healing Hunger.

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Raising Awareness
Canadian Camino – Walk to Heal Hunger

Walk with us from Oakville to Niagara Falls to raise awareness for Food Security and Hunger issues locally and globally. We will leave on Sunday, October 15th from Oakville and reach Niagara Falls on Sunday, October 22nd. We will walk an average of 20km per day. You are welcome to join us for the entire walk or even a part of it. Please see the map.

Join Us To Niagara Falls

Deadline to register is September 30th, 2017

If you plan on joining us just to walk and do not require accommodation, any amount of donation is most welcome.

Fundraising Goal: $300 – 500 (or best effort)
You can ask your supporters to send a donation below and ask them to identify who the funds are for or they can send an e-transfer to – please use the password Aangen