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Catering Services

Aangen Takes a Holistic Approach to Catering

We use fresh, locally sourced produce and hire marginalized individuals.
Aangen creates training and employment while making healthy, nutritious and delicious food for our customers.


We offer group catering for businesses, art festivals, and shelters among others.


We have a unique program named “Chance for Change” which allows us to hire people with barriers to employment and provide support and training in catering and kitchen positions. Aangen has an excellent record of hiring marginalized people and working with them to maintain housing, employment, food security and providing wraparound services. We value creating jobs for vulnerable individuals and supporting people to attain their basic social, psychological and self-fulfillment needs based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs framework.


Among the other catering Aangen has provided over the years, we’ve made and served over 530,000 meals to Toronto homeless shelters since January 2018.

The Aangen kitchen team makes amazing soups! If you need large quantities of minestrone, moosewood stew, chicken noodle, Asian chicken soup, cream of vegetable soup or tomato soup to go along with your favourite sandwich, please let us know and we'd LOVE to cook for you! 


We serve a variety of delicious and nutritious meals that cater to all types of dietary needs and preferences. Contact us at 647-323-2787 ext.3 to discuss your catering needs today.

Meet our newest meat suppliers - truLOCAL!

truLOCAL supplies Aangen kitchen with nitrate-free healthy meat.

The animals are treated well and are grass fed.

All the in-kind donations through truLOCAL helps us buy more veggies for our kitchen & catering services!


“I have had the opportunity to work with Aangen in the community since being elected. Aangen is a social enterprise and peer focused organization which provides employment to former homeless individuals and marginalized community members to secure meaningful employment. Staff are professional and work in conjunction with community members to improve their living environments. It is why I have supported Aangen to help expand their services to other city programs." Deputy Mayor Ana Bailao


 Whether you are living in a shelter or having meals delivered to your home, Aangen believes that every person from every walk of life deserves healthy food. We source local ingredients and create sustainable employment opportunities. 


Looking for a job in catering?

We have positions in delivering, meal prep, and many more.




Contact our kitchen manager, Michelle for more information

on starting a career in catering.

In the Kitchen
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