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Self-Care Summer: How Aangen Employees Are Celebrating the Warm Weather

Summer is here! And we’re ready to relax, celebrate, and get outside.

As the warm weather settles in, we are looking forward to enjoying the sunshine. One thing we can say about summer in Ontario is that it can be temperamental, and at Aangen we like to make the best of the warm months. For this blog, I asked the Aangen team what kinds of things they’re planning to do in the next few months to relax and practice self-care.

Our Executive Director, Gurbeen Bhasin, has booked 2 weeks at her cottage to relax and rejuvenate. She’ll be playing tennis and staying active throughout these warmer months—keeping her body moving is a great, healthy way to practice self-care.

Alicia Gunning, our Creative Director, has always been into crafts. She’s been crocheting pillows and blankets, colouring, screen printing, and repurposing and recycling objects. Making crafts soothes her, and as she continues her summer in a new place she plans to do ALL the crafts she can.

Erika Squires, our Director of Food Services, has booked 2 camping trips, including one that is totally off the grid. Erika is an avid photographer, and will definitely be taking lots of photos and basking in nature as much as possible.

Catarina Ledo, our Cleaning Manager, loves to go on walks with her kids and Moka, her dog. To relax at home she likes to take on projects at home like painting and redecorating. Recently, she finished installing new kitchen tiles and they’re looking great!

Michelle Webb, our Kitchen Manager, is excited to rent a cottage with her extended family surrounding her, and joining her kids at conventions again. In fact, they’re set to head to Yeti-Con in Blue Mountain in June!

Our Sales and Outreach Coordinator, Nicole Brunelle, began to make necklaces and bracelets last summer to help relax. She loves to sit outside, listen to music, and make jewelry under the hot sun. Not only does she get to be creative, but she gets awesome new pieces to wear afterwards!

Our HR/CEP Manager, Arpith Sengupta, loves walking around his neighbourhood, and now that the weather is warmer his walks have gotten longer and longer. He’s also been spending lots of time with friends, and recently he hosted his first barbeque! Everyone had a great time, and he’s looking forward to doing it again soon.

Braeda Dowden, Aangen’s Caseworker, is looking forward to backyard BBQs, long evenings on her deck, and enjoying the long, hazy summer days.

As for me? Well, for many years I neglected our garden, but after realizing what a great space it is I’ve been adding decorations, planting new flowers, and obsessing over red mulch.

We hope you can take some of our ideas and try them out—from crafts and BBQs to sports and long walks. Regardless of your summer goals, we are so incredibly grateful for summer, sunshine, and your ongoing support for Aangen.

And, of course, we’d love to know: What are you looking forward to this summer?

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