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  • A medley of aromatic spices awaits your taste buds with this easy meal! All Dried Up Biryani contains hallmarks of Indian food, from garam masala and delicious ginger, to crushed tomatoes and earthy cloves. Together, we've created a meal that overflows with both flavour and colour, taking on the gorgeous golden hue iconic of dishes turmeric. For those who love exotic flavours and heavy seasoning, you'll savour this delicious, authentic dish and be eager for more.


    • Rice, yellow onions, crushed tomatoes, cauliflower, red peppers, corn oil, salt, garlic, ginger, anise, cardamom, cumin seed, turmeric, ground cloves, garam masala, paprika, bay leaves. 

    In the clandestine realm of self-care, our shower steamers emerge as the unsung heroes. They're the secret agents, the covert operators that transform your daily routine into a misty rendezvous. These enigmatic tablets, akin to confidential briefings, dissolve in the steam, releasing fragrant narratives that hang in the air like smoky whispers in a dimly lit alley. As the hot water cascades down, each shower steamer is an accomplice in this cinematic ritual, cloaking you in an aura of intrigue and vitality. With every inhalation, your senses become the detectives, peeling back the layers of the story, uncovering moments of invigoration and rejuvenation. In the world of shower steamers, every shower is a noir thriller, every scent a tantalizing clue, and every ritual a secret mission for your well-being.

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