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Unlock Unprecedented Brand Exposure and Impact with Aangen's Gala Sponsorship Opportunities!

Embark on a journey of impact and celebration with Aangen! Your dynamic support of our upcoming gala is more than an investment; it's a catalyst for positive change.


Picture this: as we come together for a night of festivities, your contribution will resonate far beyond the gala lights. It means more meals delivered to families in need, a surge in our food rescue efforts, and a pivotal step towards local sustainability. Your participation isn't just about sponsorship; it's a powerful commitment to weaving a brighter, more nourished future for communities in need.


Plus, as a token of our gratitude, your generous support will be recognized with a 100% tax deductible promotion receipt, ensuring that your impact reverberates through both hearts and ledgers.


Join us in making every moment of the gala not just memorable but impactful. Because with your support, celebration becomes a force for good!

Join the Celebration, Make a Difference:
Where Giving Meets Games at Love in Motion Gala 2024!

Gala Sponsors: Embrace the Spirit of Giving and Enjoy Premier Brand Exposure!
As a Gala Sponsor, your logo takes center stage on event signage, in our newsletters, and across our social media platforms. Your brand will be featured prominently, reaching a diverse and engaged audience. With two gala tickets, immerse yourself in an unforgettable night while enjoying 100% tax deductible promotion receipt for your generous contribution of $2,500.

Game Sponsors: Gamify Your Brand and Engage the Audience!

Be a part of the excitement as a Game Sponsor! Your logo will shine on game activations, event signage, newsletters, and social media platforms. With four tickets to the gala, revel in the fun and community spirit. Your contribution of $5,000 ensures 100% tax deductible promotion receipt for your support.

Main Stage SPosnor Front.png
Main Stage SPosnor Back.png

Main Stage Sponsors: Seize the Spotlight and Amplify Your Impact!
Take center stage as a Main Stage Sponsor! Your logo will grace the stage, and you'll have the chance to speak for five minutes. Enjoy a 6x6 activation at the gala, along with visibility on event signage, in newsletters, and on social media. With six gala tickets, revel in a night of entertainment and connection, all while enjoying the benefit of a 100% tax deductible promotion receipt.

Partner Sponsor Front.png
Partner Sponsor Back.png

Partner Sponsor: Forge a Lasting Partnership and Make a Profound Impact!
Position your brand as a Partner Sponsor, with exclusive logo placement on stage, in games, and in video presentations. Speak for five minutes and enjoy a 10x10 activation at the gala. Benefit from eBlasts to all attendees, visibility in newsletters, and featured posts on social media. With ten tickets, immerse yourself in the community and leave a lasting impression, all while receiving 100% tax deductible promotion receipt for your generous $20,000 contribution.

Act Now! Make an Impact, Gain Exposure, and Enjoy a Night of Celebration with Aangen!

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