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Small Batch.

From Scratch. Upcycled Vegetables. Made By Humans

Indulge in guilt-free goodness.

What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability and social impact through our innovative circular economy model, preventing food waste while empowering marginalized individuals with meaningful employment opportunities.

Every bite supports a brighter future for our planet and communities.

Our food packets, packed with 50% of the daily nutrients your body craves, ideal for emergencies, seniors, or anyone seeking convenient, wholesome meals on the go.

Our Ingredients are locally sourced, 25% is upcycled from food rescue partners and it’s made from scratch by real humans working for above minimum wage in a kitchen position that they can sustainably maintain for a thriving future. 

Rescue. Nourish. Empower.



Available Dried, Fresh Hot and Frozen 

Split Pea 

Potato Leek


Red Lentil

Coconut Curry 

Dried Meals


Tex Mex

Jerk Style Rice

Vegetarian Chili

Delicious Breakfast Items

Chocolate Granola
Overnight Oats.

Healthy Baby Foods

Chocolate Granola
Overnight Oats.


Would you like a large or internationally shipped or personalized order? Email you to help you with your order


What is your return policy? 

We are currently unable to accept returns. However, if you are unsatisfied with your product you can contact us at and we’ll make it right.

Where can I find ingredients and nutritional information for your products? 

Each specific ADU product page contains a list of nutritional information and ingredients. 


Does ADU contain any allergens? 

While we advise anyone purchasing ADU soups to read over the ingredients to ensure all are safe for their personal

consumption, they are created to be consumed by most people without the worry of allergens. 

  • Not low FODMAP friendly (onions and garlic) 

  • The potatoes in some recipes means it’s not paleo 

  • Some recipes contain

    • oatmilk 

    • Lactose-free, gluten-free

    • Liquid smoke 

  • Every label and product listing has a complete ingredient list; please check before ordering.

  • For additional info; please contact 


What is the shelf life of ADU products and how should they be stored? 

ADU products can last up to 6 month. 


Is the packaging environmentally friendly? 

We are currently in the process of changing to more environmentally friendly packaging. To do so, we welcome new partnerships and ideas surrounding sustainable packaging and sourcing. If you have any suggestions or further questions, contact


Do I need a stove to cook ADU? 

Nope! All Dried Up soups were created to be rehydrated and eaten by anyone no matter what their living situation is.

All you need is cup or bowl with a lid and hot water.



Order FAQs



How can I edit/cancel my order once it’s been placed? 

As long as your order hasn’t been shipped, you can edit/cancel your order. Contact to make any necessary changes.


How do I track my order? 

When your ADU order is placed you will be given a tracking number. 


Can I place a custom order? 

Most definitely! Contact us at and we’ll see what we can do for you. 


My package is missing! What can I do? 

Please be advised that shipping and tracking information do take some time to update. However, should you have any

concerns you can contact us.


Shipping FAQ


What locations do you ship your products to? 

We currently ship across Canada. 

  • Dependent on shipping, but ALL of Canada, no International at this time 

  • Hard to reach or rural areas may incur additional shipping costs or times.


How long will it take for my order to arrive? 

Generally, orders take about 1-2 weeks to arrive at locations within Canada.

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