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Enrollement for Families in Need Program is now closed

Please Check Back Later for More Info.

What is the Families in Need program?

Aangen is built on two main values: to support and empower. The Families In Need program is pure support to the families we help. Our coordinators and social workers offer personalized emergency relief and/or stabilizing supports to local families in disadvantaged life situations. Our aim is to provide wraparound support and service connections for each member of the family. 


Over the years, Aangen has served many families, helping them to become self-sufficient and healthy. We believe that to create a safe and loving world, is to help one person and one family at a time. It is our life’s mission to open our hearts and our hands to serve with love.

How it Works

All participants in this program are referred to Aangen from partner organizations. Through unconditional support and wraparound services, we are able to walk side by side with a family during their time of adversity and help guide them towards a brighter tomorrow. 


Each person enrolled in the program receives monthly check ins to determine their status and needs as they evolve. Support services and connections are determined by the needs of the client. Through our internal resources and our external contacts we are able to assist with housing connections, legal counsel, grocery support, clothing and hygienic resources, and more. We aim to provide as much support as we can to each family member. 

The Families

Who Are

The Families

  • Local families in disadvantaged life situations  

  • Families come in all sizes, 

  • We serve a small number of families to increase the level of support per family

The Need


Wraparound Services

  • Short-term intensive crisis assistance 

  • Long-term gentle and sustainable support 

  • Housing Connections

  • Legal Counselling

  • Grocery Support

  • Clothing and hygienic needs

  • Medical and health focused assistance

  • Mental health supports

  • Household goods

The Story

Personal Story

from a Client

“Aangen has been a blessing to our family. Helping me cope with multiple stresses. Then, the team worked with my teenage son who had dropped out of school in Grade 10, and is now a happy young man living on his own and in a long-term relation.

To this day, when my husband and I feel that our relationship could use a “tune up”, we have a session with someone from the team and leave knowing how to get things back on track!"

Why support the FIN program?

The underlying philosophy of this program is to provide narrow and deep services (rather than shallow and wide). We support a small group of families with all kinds of needs. By keeping the program enrollment small, we are able to support the families with more of their needs. If they need a wheelchair we rally the troops, if they need medicine we call every healthcare practitioner we know. We provide as much as possible to the best of our ability. And it makes a difference, to the primary family member, their family, and the positive impacts ripple out to the edges of the neighbourhood, the community, to all of us.

Three Areas with the Highest Needs

Your donation today goes to supporting wonderful families in the community. 100% of your donation goes towards providing food, legal, medical, personal support to families in need in our community. Aangen contributes all funds for marketing and administration. All donations are appreciated, thank you so much!

100% of all donations go to the cause. Aangen contributes all funds for marketing and administration.

Contribute to

Food Security

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Housing Support

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Medical Assistance

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We Work With

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Families in Need


Walking Side

by side 

Providing personalized, wraparound services and emergency relief to local families in difficult life situations.

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