The ‘Families in Need’ Program provides personalized emergency relief to people experiencing disadvantaged life situations


Unconditional Support

Through unconditional support and wraparound services, we are able to walk side by side with a family during their time of adversity and help guide them towards a brighter tomorrow. Over the years, Aangen has served hundreds of families helping them to become empowered, self-sufficient and healthy. We believe that to create a safe and loving world, is to help one person and one family at a time. It is not our work but rather our life’s mission to open our hearts and our hands to serve with unconditional love.




Support Services

Include but are not limited to Housing Connections, Employment, Legal Counselling, Grocery Support, Clothing and hygienic needs.


If you or someone you know is facing any life crisis and are looking for support, please contact us or 647-323-2787.