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Keeping things clean during COVID-19

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Aangen has stepped up its services to adapt to pandemic life

COVID-19 has made all of us aware of good sanitary practices to protect our health, and now, Aangen is responding to the growing need for deep-cleaning services.

Quarantine Clean

Aangen offers professional cleaning services to offices, restaurants and shelters. Because keeping main touchpoint like counters, doors and other surfaces clean can help stop the spread of the coronavirus, Aangen decided to adapt its cleaning service by developing a new Disinfection Defense Service. As with our regular cleaning services, we continued to use high-quality eco- friendly products out of respect to our workers and the environment.

“All the touch points that people put their hands to touch, this is what we focus on now,” says Caterina Ledo, Aangen’s cleaning services manager.

“We have given additional training to our workers. They are using protection, like gloves and masks. That’s really important.”

Safety first

The biggest demand for this service has come from homeless shelters. Cleaners are there seven days a week, making sure shelter workers and clients can sleep easier knowing their space has been thoroughly disinfected.

To protect cleaners during the pandemic, Aangen has advised them on safety protocols, and provided them with personal protective equipment.

“We have provided additional training, and they are using gloves and masks. That’s really important,” Ledo says.

The Aangen way

Many of the cleaners Aangen employs are part of its Chance for Change (CFC) program, which hires those struggling with barriers to employment. Ledo, who was a recipient of the program herself, knows the importance of such a program.

“We’re helping a lot of people, believe me. People came from abuse, drugs, alcohol, all those kinds of issues, and we help them,”

Aangen, she continues, is a different kind of employer, as it goes beyond just offering a job, and considers the whole needs of the individual.

“We support them in everything - if they need to find a place to live, if they need furniture, if they don’t have enough money for groceries.”

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