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We Sparked Some Goodness in 2020

2020 was a rollercoaster but at Aangen we made sure it was a good ride!

We as human beings are built to evolve and endure through tough times and when the times get tough we all stand strong together.

"During these unprecedented times we are more aware than ever of our core values. What are these core values? They are positivity, commitment, and reliability."

Throughout 2020, at Aangen we saw multiple opportunities where we were able to provide support and help during the various challenges that arose. We also received a lot of donations which enabled us to help people in very challenging situations.

Here’s a look at everything that we were able to do for all those in need of our support and services.

Healthy Meals

During the pandemic, Aangen received aid through donations of fresh vegetables and meat that were routed to our kitchen department where this produce was used to prepare hot meals. We served approximately 150 meals daily. These meals have been going out to shelters and food-banks in the form of breakfast, lunches and dinners. We catered to Fred Victor Respite Shelter, St. Felix and Sprott House to name a few. We believe in supporting local businesses especially during these difficult times hence, we chose to move away from pre-packaged food to more healthy, unprocessed alternatives. This was only made possible through the donations we received and from our farm products division. By the end of 2020 we reached half a million meal mark!

The next big project that kept our kitchen department and the rest of us at Aangen busy was our new project - All Dried Up. All Dried Up is a dehydrated nutrient rich meal kit developed keeping in mind our senior citizens. It features 4 different flavors of pre-portioned soup base and are easy to make with just 1 cup of hot water! This meal product was created in consultation with a geriatric nutrition specialist. All Dried Up is healthy, supports digestion and contains antioxidants that address joint pain and swelling. Our pilot project for ADU was in partnership with Parkdale Food Bank who delivered and continue to deliver these meals to their senior clients.

Our All Dried Up pilot project with Parkdale Food Bank

All Dried Up meal kit

Keepin’ it Clean

Our other business line that was all in action was the cleaning department. In response to the pandemic, we had our hands full with 6 new clients namely, Oasis, Bellwoods Centres, Bloor Annex BIA, Peter Tabuns, and Community Living. We provided them with various services such as snow removal, building disinfecting services, general unit cleaning, etc.

Due to the high demand of cleaning and sanitizing services, we were able to hire and provide employment to those accessing our Chance for Change program. This was made possible with the help of the grant we received in September 2020 from Red Cross Canada.

Fresh off the Farm

Aangen’s third line of business - Wholesale Farm Deliveries saw a pivot in deliveries from wholesale to retail to support existing and new partners with their needs during the pandemic. Our kitchen department too sourced eggs from our farm product service to offer fresh eggs in the meal kits for food banks and shelters. Visit to find Aangen Farm Products near you!

Cheers to All Things New!

We celebrated our 20th anniversary during the pandemic with new team members! This includes our newest social worker, Kelly MacCready for our Chance for Change, Families in Need and Share the Love Program.

Now that we have finally made it through 2020 we’re looking forward to sparking some more goodness in 2021!

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