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What is Share the Love program?

At Aangen, we see the value of an interconnected community. Through sharing with our partners we strengthen ourselves and our community. This means supporting partner agencies who share our values in reducing food waste and food insecurity, environmental sustainability and social equity.


These efforts started a long time ago, but weren't fully formalized until the effects of COVID-19 meant some of our partners were in dire need of additional resources and other partners needed to donate goods while their businesses were on hold. Early in 2020 we made the decision to become the conduit to move these goods resources to places where they could have a positive impact on the community.

How it Works

It’s such a simple idea! If you have something you don’t need, or you just really want to share it, there’s someone, somewhere that needs it. And we’ll help give that thing (or those things) the best home possible. Goods and resources flow through our internal programs and services and our local and global partners (through their programs and services). Contact us if you have questions about current partner needs or to discuss how to get your things into the flow. 

Become a Partner

We Connect Agencies

Across Industries

  • Food security organizations

  • Food banks and neighborhood pantries 

  • Community meal programs 

  • Private businesses (including grocers pharmacies)

  • Health care providers 

  • Housing agencies and respites

Bridging The Gap

From Trash

to Treasure

  • Collecting donations for global partners 

  • Give and receive food donations (excess or imperfect for retail sales)

  • Redirect resources from landfills 

  • Upcycle produce into healthy food 

  • Zero waste targets

Impact of the Program



  • We diverted 10,000 worth of in-kind donations from our generous donors. Top donated items were:

    • wheat flour

    • beans

    • basmati rice​

  • These donations go to our top recipients:

    • Road to 0 Waste​

    • Parkdale Community Food Bank

    • Birth Mark

Does it Actually Work?

Yes!  Every business runs on projections, and sometimes those projections don’t match the situation that happens. When a company hits a point of having more than they can use, you can be sure there is an organization around the corner that needs more than they have. By sharing these resources you are maximizing their value. Have goods that aren’t selling? There’s a community fridge that’s constantly running out of that thing. Have a CSR program with extra funds? There’s an organization in Nigeria building micro-farms. One agency's excess is another agency's saving grace. By connecting these goods to where they are most needed you maximize the impact they have on the lives of those they’re given to.

Sharing is Caring

Aangen covers the cost of administration and marketing, so you can be sure that your donation is getting into the hands of someone that really appreciates it, and you!

Do you have something

to donate?

Are you an agency that needs donation?

We Work With

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Share the Love


Making Valuable Connections Worldwide

Working locally and globally to connect one agency’s excess to another agency’s needs.

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