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What is the Chance for Change program?

At our core, Aangen is a company that supports and empowers. The Chance For Change program evolved from our core value ‘empower’. 

The Chance for Change program is a supportive employment program that has additional support structures for CFC employees and priority services provided to CFC employees who qualify and are enrolled in the program. We assist all our employees in whatever struggles they may have throughout the tenure of their employment.


There is a great deal of evidence to support the concept that a job is a very impactful form of social assistance. But, a supportive employment program creates sustainable opportunities for long-term personal growth and community development for marginalized and disadvantaged populations.

How it Works

The Chance For Change program has additional support structures and priority services provided to employees who qualify and are enrolled in the program. A job is a very impactful form of social assistance, but supportive employment creates sustainable opportunities for long-term personal growth and community development.

Our team, empowered by their work every day, have the opportunity to ‘Love it Forward’ and create a safe space for shelter residents; healthy meals for staff and residents; and clean places for people to live and sleep.

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Enrolment in the Program
Enrolment in the Program

Applicable Barriers

to Employment

  • Unhoused

  • Lack of Canadian work experience

  • Language and educational barriers

  • Mental health challenges

  • Re-entering the workforce after extended absences

  • Time constraints due to
    child- and/or elder-care

  • Existing criminal record

  • Substance misuse

  • Immigration status barriers

How the Program Helps
How the Program Helps



  • Personal Growth

  • Housing Stabilization

  • Vocational Opportunities

  • Legal Support

  • Addiction Counselling

  • Immigration Assistance

  • Medical/Health Management

  • Emergency Short-term Loans

  • Food Security

  • Time management

  • Accountability

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Strength based placement

Chances Given Lives Saved
Chances Given Lives Saved

Last Year

Program Highlights

  • 39 participants program enrolment for the year

  • $38,010
    Paid to participants for their work

  • 1907 hours invested in program supports

  • $24,930 invested in program supports

  • Personal Counselling
    the #1 investment category

  • Housing Stabilization
    the #2 investment category

Why support a supportive employment program?

Supportive employment programs like our CFC program help fight the negative effects of poverty: lack of access to healthcare, sufficient housing, adverse early childhood development, poor nutrition, exposure to toxic stress, deprivation, and poor educational attainment, to name a few. Communities flourish when its members flourish. Crime rates drop, local businesses get new customers, children are enrolled in community involvement programs, and neighbours have purpose in their lives, improving the spirit of the whole community.

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100% of all donations go to the cause. Aangen contributes all funds for marketing and administration.

We Work With

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Chance For Change Program



Aangen trains and employs individuals with lived experiences of homelessness or barriers to employment and helps them on their journey towards independence. 

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