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Love in Motion


We cordially invite you to join us in supporting the Love In Motion Fundraising Gala, an extraordinary event dedicated to making a lasting impact on communities in need. By becoming a sponsor or donor, you will play a pivotal role in providing sustainable solutions to social injustices, breaking the cycle of poverty, and empowering individuals and families. Your support will help fund essential programs, address hunger and homelessness, create employment opportunities, and support families in crisis. Join us for an unforgettable evening of love, diversity, and positive action, and together, let's create a brighter future for those in need.

Support Opportunities

Donate Items for Silent Auction

Generously contribute unique products, services, or experiences that can be featured in the silent auction. Your donation will help raise funds for Aangen's programs while providing an exciting opportunity for attendees to bid and win exclusive items.

Provide Items for 250 Gift Bags

Showcase your brand and support Aangen by contributing branded merchandise, promotional items, or special offers to be included in the gift bags given to all 250 attendees. This will offer valuable exposure and leave a lasting impression.

Promote the Fundraiser Gala

Help us spread the word about Love In Motion by leveraging your network and promoting the event to your friends, contacts, and social media followers. By sharing event details and encouraging attendance, you can increase awareness and maximize the impact of the gala.

Connect us with Potential Donors or Sponsors

Utilize your connections and industry knowledge to help us identify other companies or individuals who may be interested in supporting the cause. Introduce us to potential donors or sponsors who align with Aangen's mission, allowing us to expand our network and impact.

Schedule a Sponsorship or Partnership Discussion

Set up a call or meeting to explore sponsorship or partnership opportunities for the Love In Motion Gala. We can discuss customized benefits, branding options, and how your support can make a meaningful difference. Together, we can create a partnership that aligns with your philanthropic goals and objectives.

In-Kind Services

Offer your professional services or expertise to support Aangen's operations. This can include decor, food, beverages, or other professional services that can help strengthen the organization's capabilities and impact.

By engaging in these support opportunities, you will play a crucial role in the success of the Love In Motion Fundraiser Gala, helping Aangen provide sustainable solutions to social injustices. Join us in making a difference and contributing to the empowerment of communities in need.


To get involved or discuss these support options further, please reach out to Julie West at


Thank you for considering support for Love In Motion Fundraiser Gala and for your commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

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